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smart office

Smart Office

A Smart Office is a high-tech hybrid workplace with a human touch. Designed to improve the overall office space with the best management tools, they make employees work smarter, better, and faster.


Companies nowadays keep a secure attachment with high-tech advancement in one form or another. It has changed the concept of employee experience with creative workplace options.

Smart Office Space Utilization

Smart Office

Space Utilization

Traditional cure to a growing office was to add more cubicles or desks to ensure every new employee had a seat until they reached capacity in that office. However growth doesn’t necessarily mean a new chair at a new desk for each new employee to sit on.

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In other words, measure the people. Employees and their interactions with office space are a readily available resource. Measuring peoples' behavior prioritizes real-time analytics over static and outdated brick and mortar metrics.

Smart Office Insights


Data collected from the sensors embedded in the connected lighting system can be viewed and analyzed via the Interact Office dashboard. The dashboard provides real-time information to facility managers on workspace occupancy and activities to help them maximize space utilization and save on real estate costs.



Data visualization via the dashboard shows energy use trends across the office in order to further reduce costs and CO2 emissions by lighting only areas in use or dimming during the day when outdoor light levels are high.

Smart Office Productivity


The workplace can and should be used as a strategic tool to support work and cooperation, to shape the experience of the brand and to produce competitive advantage for the organization.

Smart Office Collaboration


Nowadays, collaboration is of ever increasing importance. When people and ideas interact, new ideas are formed. Collaboration provides a fertile ground for innovation.



Smart office solutions make it easier for employees to meet up and find space for impromptu meetings. An organization where collaboration is encouraged is more likely to tap into the creativity and ingenuity of its workforce.

Smart Office Employee Attraction and Retention

Employee Attraction and Retention

Smart office solutions provide such an environment will help a company attract talented employees and also enable it to retain them in the long run.

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