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Desk Booking System

Increase Efficiency

Desk booking system ensures efficient use of your desks as well as enhance meeting productivity.

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Whether it is the difficulty of scheduling a meeting, no shows, double bookings, overcrowding, or cleaning, a meeting room booking system helps to streamline bookings and minimize challenges associated with booking and maintenance of meeting rooms.


Many examples show that the stronger the digital culture of a company is, the lower the percentage of employees who feel unsatisfied or unproductive, and lacking innovativeness. Simple as it may seem: employees who are most happy with their workplace are also the most engaged. These are employees who come to work energized, ready to come up with new ideas, create new strategies and make meaningful progress each day.

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Cost Effective

Small cost effective meeting room and working space that can be easily booked for anyone who needs to hold an important meeting in a private setting.




We also noticed that with more people being asked to work from home that some find this difficult so we can provide the space at a really competitive rate for anyone who wishes to hot desk. The space is limited and thus booking is required.

Organizational Improvements

Analytic real-time, actionable data help the organization continue to make improvements to the workplace program, space utilization and ultimately overall employee and organizational productivity and efficiency.



The measurement of actual utilization of your space, as well as the actual presence and location of your people over time, is collected consistently, continuously, and systematically to produce an accurate and actionable data set. Then that raw data is turned into valuable answers for corporate real estate executives, space planners, workplace strategists, facility management, and human resources strategists.

Commercial Opportunities


Your rooms and facilities can offer genuine revenue generating opportunities for the business. An online booking system makes it easier for customers to find what they want, when they want, and proceed to the booking check-out as swiftly as possible. No waiting for an enquiry to be answered, less chance of them changing their mind.

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They improve communication between employees and provide a working environment for everyone. You can avoid the cost of losing a talented employee by providing a pleasant and smart working space for your team.

Smart Office Employee Attraction and Retention
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