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Interactive 4K TV

MAXHUB V5 Series




Windows 10 / Android 9.0

3 Display Modes

4K Wireless Mirroring




Windows 10 / Android 9.0

Available in 3 Colors (White, Brown & Blue)

4K Wireless Mirroring

Auto tracking 1200W HDR camera

6 Microphone Array with a range of 8 meters

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Android 9.0

90° Rotation

4K Wireless Mirroring

Auto tracking 1200W HDR camera

6 Microphone Array with a range of 8 meters



It is your turn to brainstorm


Android 9.0

90° Rotation

4K Wireless Mirroring

Auto tracking 1200W HDR camera

6 Microphone Array with a range of 8 meters



V5 Technology
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Windows 10 / Android 9.0

3 Display Modes

4K Wireless Mirroring

Auto tracking 4800W WDR camera

6 Microphone Array with a range of 8 meters

PCAP touch with 4096 level sensitivity stylus

Dual pen fluent writing


Interactive 4K TV


The adoption of a new generation of infrared touch technology, can achieve a rich touch control function, coupled with the real and carefree writing experience, a variety of convenient way to pass the screen, makes every meeting a better one

Size: 55" / 65" / 75" / 86"/ 98"

Touch technology: infrared

Display: 4K screen 

2019-07-14 17_37_37-Window.jpg


The use of infrared + electromagnetic double touch design, bringing more natural writing experience and good touch operation, The standard, Easy-to-use Android module, plus a high quality display of 4K resolution, makes every meeting a better one!

Size: 55" / 65" / 75"

Touch technology: infrared & electromagnetic

2019-07-14 17_37_53-Window.jpg


Equipped with a capacitor + electromagnetic dual-touch technology Maxhub Flagship, with flexible touch experience, 4K resolution of high-quality display, The full range of the strongest configuration and thin atmosphere of the appearance, makes every meeting a better one!

Size: 65" / 75" / 86"

Touch technology: Capacitance & electromagnetic

2019-07-14 17_38_10-Window.jpg


Premium Ultra-HD Conference Cam system with automatic camera control

  • RightSense™ technology automates a better user experience

  • Modular audio for full coverage of medium to very large rooms

  • Premium components and sleek industrial design



LOGITECH - solution for evey room.jpg


All-in-one conferencecam with an ultra-wide lens for small rooms





Video Conference

Polycom Studio

The USB video bar built for small rooms and big ideas


polycom g7500.jpg

Video conferencing and content-sharing solution for medium and large conference rooms.

Polycom EagleEye Director II – Video Conference Camera

Get ready for your close-up with the only smart, video conference camera with the technology to make every video conference a true face-to-face experience

polycom eagleeye-cameras.png
polycom ee-director.jpg

Polycom EagleEye Producer

The latest camera technology with unprecedented ease of use and the data to back it up.

polycom eagleeye.png

Polycom Video Interoperability Simplified

polycom realconnect service.jpg

Polycom RealConnect is a video interoperability solution designed for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business users. By leveraging native Microsoft workflow, RealConnect makes video interoperability between standards-based video endpoints and Microsoft clients simple for anyone. Available as a cloud service or as a supported use case for on-prem collaboration infrastructure, RealConnect facilitates more collaboration among virtual teams and disparate devices.

Combining the exceptional audio and video quality you expect from Polycom with the simplicity you need for everyday use, Polycom Studio is the USB video bar ideal for smaller rooms and huddle spaces. Its plug-and-play functionality works with nearly any video platform and fits any budget.

Hear and understand every word
With room-filling sound and pinpoint accurate microphones, Polycom Studio enables participants on both ends of your calls to hear and be heard clearly. Developed through decades of audio science, Polycom Studio has the best audio quality in its class, letting you experience meetings like you’re there in person. With intelligent features like Polycom Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock, Polycom Studio automatically
mutes and removes distracting background noises and other unwanted sounds.

Experience business-class video
Polycom Studio delivers business-class video features in a USB solution. Automatic group framing intelligently focuses on participants, adjusting the view automatically as they enter and leave the room to ensure everyone is seen clearly. And for the first time ever in a USB device, speaker tracking automatically finds and zooms in on the active speaker so that everyone knows who is talking. Plus, a 4K camera ensures crisp, lifelike video that brings your meetings to life.

Simple to deploy, use and manage
Polycom Studio works with most collaboration platforms—including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex and more—making it easy to deploy and use with nearly any type of video call. What’s more, Polycom Studio can be centrally managed for a more intelligent experience. Instead of walking from room to room to update software or change settings, you can deploy Polycom Studio across the enterprise, remotely managing multiple rooms from anywhere.

Polycom Studio combines business-class performance with simplicity for small rooms and huddle spaces, so you can enjoy higher levels of productivity at an affordable price.

Video Solutions for Polycom Trio

Smart conferencing for all your meeting rooms

Polycom Trio is the smartphone for your modern conference rooms. Marrying our legendary voice quality, with powerful video and content performance, Polycom Trio can easily transform conference rooms of all sizes into collaborative, hassle-free
team environments.

Powerful video performance
Optimize today’s modern workspaces—huddle rooms, mid-size teaming spaces and large conference rooms by combining the legendary audio of Polycom Trio with one of the feature-rich Polycom EagleEye cameras to create a video and content sharing solution that is right-sized for your specific environment. Bringing users together face-to-face increases camaraderie as well as fosters more meaningful conversation.

Versatile content sharing
Decision making today is more data-driven than ever before. Increase productivity with the versatile content sharing capabilities of Polycom Trio. The ability to share wired or wirelessly from your personal device gives you the power to choose the method that is most comfortable for your work style.

Easy to use
Users avoid video conferencing when it is confusing or too hard to use. Polycom Triodelivers one consistent and easy-to-use interface to every room so users don’t need to learn something new every time. Knowing how to quickly get a meeting started and feeling confident the technology will perform every time will increase user adoption and ultimately drive success.

Scalable for every environment
It’s your call. With Polycom Trio, you are free to deploy on all leading unified communication platforms from open SIP to Skype for Business to cloud video solutions like BlueJeans, WebEx and Zoom—or enjoy multiple platforms simultaneously with the hybrid registration feature of Polycom Trio. It’s easy to deploy and manage, as one common provisioning and management approach for all rooms requires less time to learn and oversee.

How it works
With Polycom Trio, you can right-size the technology to meet the needs of every workspace. Start with Polycom Trio 8800 or 8500 and select from a variety of configurations to meet the needs of your unique space and work habits. 

• Polycom Trio Visual+ is designed for small- to medium-size rooms, with USB camera options, a single display and Ethernet-based connectivity for clean room cabling.

• Polycom Trio VisualPro is designed to pair with Polycom Trio for flexibility in medium to large spaces, with powerful camera options including automatic tracking, dual monitor support, content sharing flexibility and optional ceiling microphones.

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