SmartRow Plus

The SmartRowTM Plus solutions provide a cost-effective power, thermal management and infrastructure management, to help you achieve your IT objectives regardless of data center size and complexity.

Infrastructure Challenges

Setting up a data center involves lot of complexity with multitude of pain points for
IT Manager like :


  • Ever increasing real estate price/rental

  • Power and cooling cost

  • Upgrade challenges with increased demand

  • Setting up infrastructure in remote locations

Failure to properly design and deploy physical infrastructure can lead to under utilized systems, stranded capacity and higher operating costs, preventing you from gaining the full advantage of your data center.

Smart Cabinet

Enter SmartCabinet - a pre-configured, self-contained solution that offers the efficiency, economy,interoperability, and control to implement an exceptional infrastructure strategy

Economical - Reduces implementation costs compared to conventional solutions
Simplified - Maximize use of existing infrastructure and gets up-and-running in a matter of weeks
Controllable - Enforce add / change policies, speeds IT administration request response times significantly



Industry-Specific Networking & Security Solutions

Explore industry-specific solutions engineered to meet today’s most challenging use cases designed for your unique business needs, stakeholders and bottom-line.​



The proliferation of mobile devices within homes of all types is creating new performance and management challenges for home owners. Not only are users now armed with multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices that are much more mobile in nature compared to traditional laptops, but network infrastructure services and devices, such as printers, projectors, digital media receivers and file servers, are becoming mobile with the integration of Wi-Fi.

Ruckus Wireless

New mobile devices such as Apple iPhones, iPads and Apple TV operating on Wi-Fi networks can generate large volumes of traffic as these multicast protocols constantly advertise the availability of the devices. This broadcast traffic is transmitted at lower speeds and spills across the entire wireless local area network (WLAN), slowing down the performance and capacity of WLANs.

Ruckus Wi-Fi networks

Beyond controlling new mobile traffic on Wi-Fi networks, the use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones present new performance and connectivity problems as the orientation of these devices constantly change. With Ruckus technology these problems have been solved, demonstrating why you need Ruckus.